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Brawley City Council &
Successor Agency to Brawley
Community Redevelopment Agency
Regular Meeting Agenda
Tuesday, February 4, 2020 6:00 PM
City Council Chambers
383 Main Street
Brawley, California 92227
Norma Kastner-Jauregui, Mayor Alma Benavides, City Clerk
Luke Hamby, Mayor Pro-Tempore William S. Smerdon, City
Sam Couchman, Council Member Attorney/City Treasurer
George A. Nava, Council Member Rosanna Bayon Moore, City Manager/
Donald L. Wharton, Council Member Executive Director
2. PUBLIC APPEARANCES/COMMENTS (Not to exceed 4 minutes) this is the
time for the public to address the Council on any item not appearing on the
agenda that is within the subject matter jurisdiction of the City Council. The
Mayor will recognize you and when you come to the microphone, please state
your name for the record. You are not allowed to make personal attacks on
individuals or make comments which are slanderous or which may invade an
individual’s personal privacy. Please direct your questions and comments to
the City Council.
a. Introduction of Newly Hired Accounting Assistant Jessica Castillo, by Finance
Director Tyler Salcido.
b. Proclamation Declaring February 7-14, 2020, National Marriage Week in the City
of Brawley Presented to Ms. Maria Lopez- Pantoja, IVROP Project Coordinator.
Pg 6
3. CONSENT AGENDA Items are approved by one motion. Council Members or
members of the public may request consent items be considered separately at a
time determined by the Mayor.
a. Approve Accounts Payable: January 24, 2020 Pgs 7-24
January 31, 2020 Pgs 25-39
b. Adopt Resolution No. 2020- : Resolution of the City Council of the City of
Brawley, California Authorizing a Continuous Resolution Destruction Schedule
for Brawley Police Department Public Records. Pgs 40-53
c. Award a Geotechnical and Materials Testing Contract to Landmark Consultants,
Inc. for Project No. 2019-07 Allen Street Water Pipeline Replacement
Improvements Project in the Amount of $23,010.00, with a 10% Contingency Set
Aside for an Amount Not to Exceed $25,311.00. Pgs 54-65
d. Adopt Resolution No. 2020- : Resolution of the City Council of the City of
Brawley, California Authorizing the Submission of the City of Brawley’s 5-Year
Program List of Projects Funded by Measure D for Years 2020 through 2024,
Beginning January 1, 2020 through December 31, 2024. Pgs 66-73
a. Discussion and Potential Action to Award Project No. 2019-07 Allen Street Water
Pipeline Replacement and Improvements Project to Granite Construction
Company in the Amount of $613,316 2 with a 10% Contingency Set Aside for an
Amount Not to Exceed $674,647.60. Pgs 74-76
b. Presentation of FY 2019/2020 Mid Year Budget Review by Tyler Salcido,
Finance Director. Pgs 77-99
c. Discussion and Potential Action to Approve Auditing Services Contract with Moss
Levy & Hartzheim for FY Ending June 30, 2019 in the Amount of $54,500.
Pgs 100-106
d. Discussion and Potential Action to Adopt Resolution No. 2020- : Resolution of
the City Council of the City of Brawley, California Accepting Grant Funds
Allocated to the Citizen’s Option for Public Safety (COPS) Program and
Submittal of the Expenditure Plan for FY 2018/2019 Funding through the State of
California Local Safety and Protection Account. Pgs 107-111
e. Discussion and Potential Action to Adopt Resolution No. 2020- : Resolution of
the City Council of the City of Brawley, California Authorizing the City to Apply for
an Award from the Infill Infrastructure Program. Pgs 112-114
f. Discussion and Potential Action to Approve Los Amigos de la Comunidad’s
Request for Sale and Consumption of Alcohol on Public Property, Specifically on
Main Street, North and South Plaza Park on Saturday, March 28, 2020 for the
Cesar Chavez Community Celebration from 10am to 11pm. Pgs 115-118
g. Discussion and Potential Action to Approve Submittal of a Letter of Support to
the California Energy Commission for the Salton Sea Geothermal Lithium
Recovery Demonstration Project at the Request of Berkshire Hathaway Energy
(BHE) Renewables. Pgs 119-121
a. Update by Public Works Director Guillermo Sillas, PE
i) Emergency Construction at the Brawley Water Treatment Plant 1) to
Replace Components of Two Sedimentation Basins and 2) to Recondition
Water Distribution Pumps and Motors 422 and 423
b. Update on Efforts to Restore Girls and Adult Softball Leagues by Interim Parks &
Recreation Director Marjo Mello
a. Monthly Staff Report for February 2020, prepared by Shirley Bonillas, Personnel
& Risk Management Administrator. Pg 122
b. Record of Building Permits for December 2019 in the City of Brawley, Prepared
by Oscar Escalante, Interim Building Official. Pgs 123-124
b. Attendance Summary & Minutes for City of Brawley Boards/Commissions from
October 1 – December 31, 2019.
1) Brawley Airport Advisory Commission Pgs 125-131
2) Brawley Parks & Recreation Commission Pgs 132-137
3) Brawley Planning Commission Pgs 138-143
4) Brawley Library Board of Trustees Pgs 144-149
a. Quarterly Investment Summary through December 2019 Pgs 150-151
a. Conference with Real Property Negotiator – (California Government Code
Address: 225 A Street, Brawley, California
Negotiator: City Manager
Negotiating Parties: Boys & Girls Club
Under Negotiation: Rate and Terms
EXISTING LITIGATION (California Government Code §54956.9)
a. Conference with Legal Counsel – Two (2) Cases
i. Frankie Rodriguez, Pablo C. Lopez, Marco A. Garcia, Omar
Balderas, Gerardo Vindiola, David Villalobos, Julian Jimenez,
Ricardo Rosales, Daniel Atondo, David Siquieroz, Jonathan
Gutierrez, Anthony Padilla, Julio Velasquez, Roberto Orozco,
Mariano C. Valenzuela, Jr., Raul Bernal, Ralph Walker, Jose Limon
and Pete Guzman, on behalf of themselves and all other
employees similarly situated vs. City of Brawley.
ii. Brawley Public Safety Employee Association, Jeremy Schaffer,
David Holetz, Jorge Garibay, Darlene Garcia, Dennise Montano,
Nathan Montes-Gonzalez, Karla Razo, Daniel Swithenbank, Daniel
Schleyer, Ricardo Gutierrez, Juan Morales, Ana Amaya, Brian
Harsany, Angelica Garcia, Martha Garcia, Javier Martinez, Jake
Yuhas, Dean Beckwith, Ricardo Valdez, David Pham, Stephen
James Dyroff, Adriana Ruiz, Jon Dellinger, Isaac Romo, Jesse
Yuhas, Susanne Nickel, Rudy H. Nunez, Diana Diaz, Sixto Moreno,
Joon Kim, Francisco Mendoza, Maghen Caudill, Regina Kim vs.
City of Brawley.
POTENTIAL LITIGATION (California Government Code §54956.9)
a. Conference with Legal Counsel – One (1) Case
PERSONNEL MATTERS (Government Code §54957)
a. Public Employee Appointment to the Position of Police Chief
ADJOURNMENT Regular Meeting, Tuesday, February 18, 2020 @ 6:00 PM, 383
Main Street, Brawley, California. Supporting Documents are available for public review
in the Office of the City Clerk, 383 Main Street, Brawley, California 92227 - Monday
through Friday during Regular Business Hours; Individuals who require special
accommodations are requested to give 48 hours prior notice. Contact: Office of the City
Clerk @ 760-351-3080.
Alma Benavides, City Clerk

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