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Brawley City Council &
Successor Agency to Brawley
Community Redevelopment Agency
Regular Meeting Agenda
Tuesday, July 7, 2020 6:00 PM
City Council Chambers
383 Main Street
Brawley, California 92227

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Norma Kastner-Jauregui, Mayor                                        Alma Benavides, City Clerk
Luke Hamby, Mayor Pro-Tempore                        William S. Smerdon, City
Sam Couchman, Council Member                            Attorney/City Treasurer
George A. Nava, Council Member        Rosanna Bayon Moore, City Manager/
Donald L. Wharton, Council Member                                                  Executive Director



2.    PUBLIC APPEARANCES/COMMENTS (Not to exceed 4 minutes.) This is the     time for the public to address the Council on any item not appearing on the     agenda that is within the subject matter jurisdiction of the City Council.

To maintain social distancing, physical presence is strongly discouraged.  Alternative methods of participation are encouraged and should a member of the public wish to provide public comments, please submit written comments via email to or contact the City Clerk’s Office at 760/351.3080.  The deadline to submit comments is 2PM on July 7, 2020.  

Submitted comments re: FY 2020/21 Proposed Library Budget Cuts and Service Changes by Library Board Trustee Crystal Duran, Library Board  Trustee Judy Grant and Library Patron Robert Reyes.  Pgs 5-7

State of California Governor Gavin Newsom waived specific portions of the Brown Act by Executive Order for the period that social distancing measures are recommended and required by state and local public health officials. The waiver of Brown Act provisions requires:

a.    Members of the public are allowed to observe and address public meetings telephonically or through other electronic means.

b.    Procedures “swiftly” accommodate any reasonable request to accommodate access by disabled individuals to meetings that are accessible telephonically or through other electronic means in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”).

c.    Notice of the procedure is provided for making requests for such reasonable accommodation with the notice for any public meeting.

3.    CONSENT AGENDA Items are approved by one motion. Council Members or     members of the public may request consent items be considered separately at a     time determined by the Mayor.    

a.    Approve Accounts Payable:    June 19, 2020  Pgs 8-25
                        June 26, 2020  Pgs 26-41
                        July 02, 2020  Pgs 42-55     

b.    Approve Amendment No. 2 to City of Brawley Professional Services Agreement with LC Engineering Consultants, Inc. in an Amount Not to Exceed $9,400 and Total Contract Amount Not to Exceed $23,400.  Pgs 56-59

c.    Adopt Resolution No. 2020- : Resolution of the City Council of the City of     Brawley, California Amending Fiscal Year 2019/2020 City of Brawley for the     Parks & Recreation Department in the Amount of $12,056.00.  Pgs 60-68

d.    Reject Claim as recommended by Carl Warren & Company Claims     Management     Adjusters for Claimant: Veronica Flores.  Pg 69    


a.    Conduct Public Hearing for Paddock Apartments Site Plan/Zone Change/General Plan Amendment (SP20-01/ZC20-01/GPA20-01) – 1603 Malan Street.  
    Pgs 70-81

        i.    Adopt Ordinance No. 2020- : Ordinance of the City Council of the             City of Brawley, California Amending the Brawley Municipal Code             to Zone Designation for Specified Properties.  Pgs 82-83

        ii.    Adopt Resolution No. 2020- : Resolution of the City Council of the             City of Brawley, California Amendment to the City of Brawley             General Plan.  Pgs 84-85


a.    Update on City of Brawley Declaration of Local Emergency as a Result of COVID-19 Pandemic

i.    Overall Outlook Presented by Interim Fire Chief Mike York

ii.    Imperial County Heath Order of July 1, 2020  Pgs 86-91

iii.    COVID-19 Emergency Plan - City Service Changes
Updated July 1, 2020  Pgs 92-95

b.    Discussion and Potential Action to Award Project No. 2020-01 Legion Street     Improvements Phase from Evelyn Avenue to Kelley Avenue to Rove Engineering     in the Amount of $391,291.80.  Pgs 96-99

c.    Discussion and Staff Direction re: August 2020 Public Meeting Schedule    


a.    Record of Building Permits for May 2020 in the City of Brawley, Prepared by     Oscar Escalante, Interim Building Official.  Pgs 100-101


a.    Monthly Staff Report for July 2020, Prepared by Personnel & Risk Management Administrator Shirley Bonillas.  Pg 102

b.    Update on Emergency Construction Project at the Brawley Water Treatment Plant to Replace Components of Two Sedimentation Basins Presented by Public Works Director Guillermo Sillas, PE






13.    EXISTING LITIGATION (California Government Code §54956.9)

a.    Conference with Legal Counsel – Two (2) Cases


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