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Brawley City Council &

Successor Agency to

Brawley Community Redevelopment Agency


Regular Meeting

Tuesday, February 19, 2013 @ 6:00 PM
City Council Chambers
383 Main Street
Brawley, California 92227

Sam A. Couchman, Mayor                            Alma Benavides, City Clerk

Miguel C. Miranda, Mayor Pro-Tempore       Jim Hamilton, City Treasurer

Don C. Campbell, Council Member           Dennis H. Morita, City Attorney

George A. Nava, Council Member  Rosanna Bayon Moore, City Manager/

Donald L. Wharton, Council Member                                                      Executive Director                                 



INVOCATION            Pastor Troy Doudy, Brawley Assembly of God Church




2.         PUBLIC APPEARANCES/COMMENTS (Not to exceed 4 minutes) this is the           time    for the public to address the Council on any item not appearing on the            agenda that is within the subject matter jurisdiction of the City Council. The          Mayor will recognize you and when you come to the microphone, please state             your name for the record. You are not allowed to make personal attacks on             individuals or make comments which are slanderous or which may invade an    individual’s personal privacy. Please direct your questions and comments to       the City Council.


3.         CONSENT AGENDAItems are approved by one motion. Council Members or members of the public may request consent items be considered separately at a time determined by the Mayor.

            a.         Approve Minutes:    February 5, 2012                 pp 4-10

            b.         Approve Accounts Payable:   

                        January 31, 2012            pp 11-21

                        February 7, 2013             pp 22-33

                        February 8, 2013             pg 34


            c.         Reject Claim as Recommended by Carl Warren & Company, Claims Management & Solutions Claimant: Adam Perez/Exit Imperial Realty v. City of Brawley  pp 35-36


            d.         Adopt Resolution No. 2013- : Brawley Public Library Budget Adjustment,  in the Amount of $25,465, California State Library CLLS Program                 pp 37-39

            e.         Adopt Resolution No. 2013- : Resolution Amending the Fiscal Year 2012- 2013 City Clerk’s Budget in the Amount of $25,465.             pp 40-41


            f.          Adopt Resolution No. 2013- : Resolution Relating to Management,  Confidential & Unrepresented Employees Who Do Not Have an Employment Agreement Regarding Payment of CalPERS MemberContributions                         pp 42-43




            a.         Presentation of Wastewater Master Plan by Michael Pollard, Psomas


            b.         Presentation by Danny Fitzgerald, IVEZ Manager & Potential Action re:  State of Califoprnia Proposed Regulatory Changes to Enterprise Zones


            d.         Update re: Rancho Porter Tax Sharing Agreement


            e.         Update re: Legion & Highway 86 Roadway Improvements


            f.          Discussion & Potential Action re: City Co-Sponsorship of Cesar Chavez  Family Festival & Sale of Alcohol on Premises at Cattle Call Park on April  20, 2013.    pp 44-54



             a.         Record of Building Permits, January 2013 & Three (3) Year Building                                  Permit Summary – Francisco Soto, Building Official                    pp 55-56




            a.         Public Employee Appointment. Discussion of Appointment of Personnel.                                     Title: Fire Chief (G.C. 54957)

            b.         Conference with Labor Negotiator (G.C.54957.6)

            Agency designated representative:  Rosanna Bayon Moore, City Manager

            Employee organizations:


                        (1)  Teamsters Local 542


c.         Conference with Legal Counsel – Anticipated Initiated Litigation Pursuant   to Subdivision (c) of G.C. Section 54956.9 - One (1) Potential Case.


ADJOURNMENT       Next Regular Meeting, Tuesday, March 5, 2013 @ 6:00 PM, City Council Chambers,383 Main Street, Brawley, California. Supporting Documents are available for public review in the Office of the City Clerk, 383 Main Street, Brawley, California 92227 - Monday through Friday during Regular Business Hours; Individuals who require special accommodations are requested to give 48 hours prior notice. Contact: Office of the City Clerk @ 760-351-3080 Janet P. Smith, Deputy City Clerk

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